Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Sexy Stage

February 6, 2007
TD Banknorth Garden
Boston, MA

This was my view of the Justin Timberlake stage from my truss spot. This stage was in the round. The band played on hydraulic lifts, and each musician had their own riser that moved on a track when the lifts were in their raised position. It was a very interesting stage, but I didn't see the point of the moving risers because none of the musicians played any solos during the show.

I had to go up early to spotlight the opening act, Pink. Her set was pretty cool, but I couldn't see a lot because there was a black curtain which covered up a video screen that was right in front of me.

A chain motor hoisted us up to our spotlights, which was sweet. It is much better than having to climb a rope ladder.

And, this was my view of the downstage portion of the stage. The small sections that are lit up with neon lights are bars where people sat to drink.

I lucked out during Justin's set. During the 3rd song, every light was being used, and it caused a voltage problem. A few of the spotlights went out, and mine was the only one that never came came back on. (I think it blew a bulb.) So, I took a much-needed nap during the second half of the show=:)


Nairobi Paul said...

Looks scary up there!

femmme said...

this is a creative idea. and a job you wouldnt think of. although these shows were chez i bet you have seen some cool cool stuff

Anonymous said...

They told you to ride a chainmotor to your spot, and you DID IT ???

Are you out of your fucking little mind ??? There IS a reason that "Not for lifting personnel" appears on the name plate of each and every CM hoist.
If it comes down to a choice between trusting the engineers at CM and trusting a local or road rigger who says "No Problem, man" I know which way I'm gonna bet.

Don't see a safety/fall arrest line, either.

Gotta wonder where your steward was when this was first mentioned.

"The show must go on" doesn't mean you gotta die to make it happen.

Be safe, brother
Art4bucks, IA#1

Spot 2 said...

Hi Anonymous! Thanks for your comment! If you look at the pic, you'll see that there is a fall arrest - you'll see the line begin at the bottom right corner of the pic. And, this was not the first time I have ridden up on a chain motor. Did it for Bon Jovi, too. Don't tell me the same tours are not allowed to do this at Madison Sq. Garden... I actually think it's safer than climbing, and you don't have to pull up an ugly ladder afterwards....