Saturday, March 31, 2007

Soul Sista

March 30, 2007
TD Banknorth Garden
Boston, MA

Last night I ran a truss spot for Christina. Here was my view of the stage when I climbed up to my spotlight. My light was positioned upstage-right.

Here is a photo of the band riser that was just below me. The musicians were getting ready for the show to begin.

When the show began, I was on Christina most of the time. I believe the above photo was taken during her performance of 'Beautiful'.

Here is the band during the show. Above is the stage-left riser, and below is stage-right.

Below you can see some more of Christina's performance. The band riser that is located upstage center was a moving riser that came out just for this song. And, there is a piano on the lift that is located center stage. Many shows bring these lifts, or elevators, and I personally like to call them 'pop-up toasters' :)

And, here's Christina dancing on top of the piano=:)

All in all, I'd say this show was okay. I'm not into this type of music at all, so I found it to be very boring, despite all of the theatrics. I also noticed that the crowd didn't seem to be into it either; most of them were just standing there the entire time. I was also a little disappointed that my favourite song, 'Genie in a Bottle', was not on the set list. So, I have to listen to it now. Enjoy=:)